Chartering of crew boats and fleet of barges


ALWARDI MARINE SERVICES W.L.L., is  registered in the Kingdom of Bahrain and operates a fleet of flat top barges and tug boats with capacity ranging between 12500tons to 28000tons for barging, and  3000HP to 5150HP for tugs.


Operating since 2006, ALWARDI MARINE offers services for transporting cargo by ocean going barges towed by tug boats. These brand new barges and tug boats are built in 2008 with best specifications suitable for any kind of cargo, specially building materials, for worldwide ocean transport. With highly skilled crew and well-maintained & class-certified.


















Alwardi T22
Alwardi B21
Alwardi T28
Alwardi B27
Alwardi T26
Alwardi B25
Alwardi  T24
Alwardi  B23

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